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Video Games & Narrative Design

Writing for video games has its challenges, but that’s what makes it thrilling! Whether it’s drafting character profiles, plotting branching narratives, or trying to make the most out of a tutorial scene, a writer can’t just go into it with the same mindset as when writing a short story or novel. This is doubly true when working with a team.

Here’s a few simple samples to reflect the work I’ve done on some projects. Check out my video games portfolio for more complex design and script work, as well as playable demos.



Most of my prose is under lock-and-key, being dragged through the depths of round after round of editing, or on their way to publication. However, I’ve collected fragments of some of my slightly older work just for this page!

If you’d like to gnaw on a full story rather than a meager appetizer, please check out The Trees Between in Sunvault Anthology, an anthology of solarpunk and eco-speculation. It’s available in both print and e-book formats.


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