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Intuitive & Ergonomic Design

User interface (UI), navigation, and architecture should be easy to understand and accessible on all devices. The user experience should be a comfortable and memorable one.


4-Step Design Process

Breaking the design process down into 4 basic steps allows for increased contractor–client communication and improved peace of mind.


For the budget-mindful, and a perfect option for students or new companies looking for something simple yet effective and engaging.

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Web Development Samples

I started web development in 2016, finding it a great fusion of some of my passions outside the written word: art, ergonomics and design, and getting in touch with my technical side. Check out my web development samples for an idea of the type of work I can do for you.

Caraway School Website

Caraway is an alternative K–9 education program. I created their entire website from scratch, with focus on providing program information to potential new students and their families. Design features include the following: sliding images, Google Maps, an events page, password-protected parent resources, and a library of downloadable documents. Check out the site itself for additional examples.

My Personal Website

That’s this website right here! Look around the other pages to get a better feel of the functionality and design elements I’ve decided to use for my portfolio website.

Contemplating starting a website or scratching an old design for a new one is stressful.

Let me help.

Don’t settle for a website looking like a 90s’ spawn.

Don’t settle for limited functionality or pictures slapped on the page with no rhyme or reason.

Don’t settle for a UI that makes users flee.

Whether you’re looking for a one-page wonder (a single landing page or homepage), a couple pages to present a portfolio and contact information, or a comprehensive multi-page site to provide readers with blog posts and news about company projects, I’ve got you covered.

Provide me with the content (text, copy, photos, etc.), and a design idea if you have one in mind, and I’ll take care of the rest.

4-Step Design Process


1. Introductory Consultation

Review of your site’s vision and requirements, finalizing pricing, and drafting a design document.

2. Sample Page Design

Here you have the opportunity to review design choices, from font to layout.

3. Construction

Building the rest of the website according to finalized design, and inserting content.

4. Testing & Launch

Confirming full functionality, and handing you the keys to your new website!

Why Choose Me?

  1. My designs include dynamic animations, such as transforming a simple line of text to an eye-catching call to action button, video playback, image sliders, and headers that appear upon scrolling. Without extra cost.

2. Responsive design allows for browser, mobile, and tablet use without breaking. No worries about whether users can access your content outside of a desktop PC.

3. A friendly UI allows you to edit content without fussing with html code. Modules that should not be edited (to preserve functionality) will be admin-locked to avoid any accidental deletions.

4. First 20-minute design consultation is free! Here we can go a bit more in depth in regards to functionality, color scheme, or whatever else concerns you.


5. Don’t be left with a website you don’t understand how to use. Upon project delivery I offer a 15-minute crash course on how to edit your new site. I also answer any remaining questions.

6. Fully functional websites begin at just $100 USD (for a single landing page or homepage).


Why can I offer such low prices?

Two reasons: (1) I live in countries with lower costs of living, making it easy for me to offer competitive prices without cutting on quality; and (2) creating websites is hella fun and my current focus is to buff-up my portfolio.

*note: Although at this time I do not manage hosting or domains, I am more than happy to recommend some companies when discussing the details of your design. (I do, however, require a working domain prior to beginning work.)

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