The Game

Sol Centra is an episodically released dystopian 2D adventure where player choices throughout the game determine the antagonist. It explores questions of moral and cultural relevance in a carefully crafted vision of a 2090s future, through divergent storytelling, hard choices, and multiple endings. Game mechanics enable players to comment on the reality around them, comply with it, or fight it.

The first episode tells the story of Gwen, a 20-year-old sentenced to life imprisonment for terrorism, and focuses on uncovering what pushed her to become Sol Centra’s most wanted. Player choices will determine if she’s deemed innocent, or spends the rest of her life in prison.

My Role

Video Game Writing, Editing, Design (Black Uhlan Studios; 2015-2017)

  • Edited scripts, legal documents, and other company documents for both English language coherency and accurate grammar.
  • Created original content including scene scripts and world-building pieces.
  • A core member for all meetings and developments regarding game vision, narrative design, and story-telling materials.
  • Involved in QA testing and game implementation using the Unity game engine.
  • Coordinated and executed presentation of our game at GDX Edmonton 2016, Microsoft’s Game Developer Showcase, and GameCamp Edmonton.

Unfortunately, Sol Centra is no longer under development.

However, you can still play the prologue prototype:

*Windows OS only*

*Please note that cell narration is unedited placeholder text*

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