The Game

Hunger Quest is a short text-based adventure game I built in my free time to play around with branching narratives and practice learning C# coding within Unity.

In this game you play as a typical hungry three-year-old going through a growth spurt and faced with the dilemma of your father refusing to give you snacks before dinner. Will you emerge victorious and somehow acquire a snack, or will your stomach rumble for eternity?

My Role

Writing, Editing, Design, Coding 

There’s not much for me to elaborate on here, but I’ve included a few screenshots of the development below. Drafting the narrative design started on paper, and once I had the flow determined I outlined this in code. I wrote the story out in Word first, and then inserted it into the code after a few revisions and grammar checks. After finally working out all the kinks during gameplay, I did another check for grammar, extra spaces where there shouldn’t be, etc.

Want to give it a play?

*Windows OS only*

*Recommended play in Windowed mode, resolution 640 x 480*

Interested In Working With Me?