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Non-Fiction Editing Pricing

non-fiction editing

Worried about hiring a random, anonymous editor who may not be familiar with your content or might become sloppy near the end of a project?

Don’t be. Here, you know who your editor is: me.

You have the benefit of knowing my editing experience (600+ papers edited) and areas of expertise, and can consult with me directly about any questions you may have about your edited project.

Lastly, there’s no questions about security issues that may arise when sending unpublished and confidential works to multiple contract editors.

I provide professional editing services for books/manuscripts in the following fields:

  • Psychology (e.g., spatial cognition, behavior, developmental, clinical (mental illness), social, cultural (and cross-cultural), etc.)
  • Neuroscience (e.g., cognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience, perception, neurosurgery, drug effects, neurotransmitters, etc.)
  • Human factors and ergonomics (e.g., human error, UI design, mapping, safety, etc.)
  • Computer science (e.g., artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, machine learning, robotics, human–computer interaction, virtual reality, video games, computer vision, etc.)
  • Information and society (e.g., policy, computer science education, privacy, security, etc.)
  • Earth sciences (e.g., seismology, geophysics, oceans, etc.)
  • Nutrition
  • Materials science
  • Plasma science
  • Nanotechnology
  • East Asian studies (e.g., related to Japan, Korea, etc.)
  • Language Education (e.g., ESL, teaching strategies, etc.)

*This is a non-extensive list. If your subject is not listed here, please query.

*All prices in USD. Please contact for an exact quote as rates may vary slightly in response to the scope of the project and any special requests or instructions. 
*Continued advice or email consultations are free of charge within the scope of my work. Follow-up edits of less than 200 words are free. Substantial additions of text or new documents will incur charge.
*Please note that all manuscripts will incur a $10 administration charge; only a single charge will incur for multiple submissions.
*Rates are based on a 7-Day turnover (this turnover may not be available for works longer than 30,000 words).
*I accept payment through bank e-transfer, Transferwise, Currency Fair, or Paypal only. Cryptocurrency may be accepted under special circumstances. Canadian clients can choose to e-transfer in CAD using currency conversion rates listed at the time of invoicing.

Add-on Services For Non-fiction Editing

Style Check: Confirming consistent style throughout the paper (use of italics, in-text citation style, referencing figures, etc.) +$10

Journal-specific Style Editing: Editing while following your target journal’s style guide. +$25


  1. Style check: Confirming consistent style of reference list (and that style matches guidelines of target journal) 0.36/reference
  2. Style & accuracy check: Confirming consistent style and accuracy of reference list (i.e., that author names and titles are correct) 0.61/reference

Express services:
3-Day service: Delivery of project within 72h upon confirmation (+0.010/word)

1-Day service: Delivery of project within 24h upon confirmation (+0.020/word)

*Express service is typically reserved for projects <5000 words. For longer projects, please query. If 1- or 3-Day service is not possible, I will work with you to find a suitable deadline and rate.

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