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Looking for an editing sample before committing to an editor?

Send me your document and I’ll edit an excerpt to demonstrate how I can help perfect your writing.

The fee is 50% credited if you decide to invest in an editing package.

It is rare to find someone who manages to balance kindness, directness, and patience with any sort of skill. Karyn wields this tri-force with a master’s touch.

Justin G. Wallace

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Fiction Editing Pricing


Looking to better your writing?

Got a short story in need of a complete overhaul?

Or perhaps one that’s only requiring some polish prior submission to a magazine?

Or, dare I suggest, a novel?

Whether your goal is professional or hobbyist, I can help bring your writing to life.

*All prices in USD. Please contact for an exact quote as rates may vary slightly in response to the scope of the project and any special requests or instructions.
*Continued advice or email consultations are free of charge within the scope of my work. Follow-up edits of less than 200 words are free. Substantial additions of text or new documents will incur charge.
*Please note that all manuscripts will incur a $10 administration charge; only a single charge will incur for multiple submissions.
*Rates are based on a 7-Day turnover for Proofreading (slightly more time may be required for Basic or Level-Up Editing services, depending on their length). A longer turnaround is required for books and other documents of significant length. If you have a larger project, please contact me to arrange for a suitable deadline.
*I accept payment through bank e-transfer, Transferwise, Currency Fair, or Paypal only. Cryptocurrency may be accepted under special circumstances. Canadian clients can choose to e-transfer in CAD using currency conversion rates listed at the time of invoicing.

Not sure which option to choose?

Personally, I always prefer the most in-depth and critical edits as possible when my own work is edited because it helps me notice trends or weaknesses I otherwise wouldn’t be aware of.

This helps me grow as a writer, and pushes me out of stagnation. Thus, I will always suggest the serious writer to opt for Level-up Editing unless the project has already been edited by a professional.

Fiction Editing Samples (Scripts)

Here’s a few samples of the editing work I’ve done for Sol Centra. Check out my video games portfolio for more complex design and script work (as well as a playable demo).

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