Fiction & Non-Fiction Editing Services

Professional Editing

Hire an editor not just with experience, but with cross-cultural and linguistic understanding.


Cut the middle-men of large editing companies, and save money by hiring an editor directly.

Quick Service

Don’t wait weeks for your edited paper. 3- and 1-day services ensure you meet your deadlines.

Papers Edited

New Client?

Looking for an editing sample before committing to an editor?

Send me your document and I’ll edit an excerpt to demonstrate how I can help perfect your writing.

The fee is 50% credited if you decide to invest in an editing package.

Editing Services

Many large editing companies focus on quantity over quality. Jobs are rushed, editors are forced to cut corners, and the degree of editing offered is minimal–usually stopping at the proofreading level. Not here.

I’m poised to dive deep into a manuscript, and give my clients the attention to detail and encompassing editing services they deserve.

I believe in forging the best possible sentences, paragraphs, and pages, all while adhering to the author’s original voice and ensuring the intended meaning remains intact. My goal is to help your paper, book, or article get published.

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