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Karyn L. Stecyk

I had chosen my starting class in science psychology, but have since reallocated my stats to pursue a deep-seated need for escapism. This complements my wanderlust (and probably explains my two years in the beef and bakery paradise that is Kobe, Japan). Now embracing my location-independent career, I’m currently accepting travel recommendations for things that ellude the typical Google search.

My other hobbies include rocking out to symphonic and power metal, trying to not masterfully suck at playing violin, and chipping away at my never-ending video game library. I’m also Canadian, which may or may not be responsible for my love of bacon with maple syrup. I also apologize to inanimate objects.

I’ve written for video games, edit primarily scientific journal publications, and am working on my first novel. My short story The Trees Between, about mitigating earthquakes through combining trees with virtual reality technology, is featured in Sunvault Anthology. If you’re into Goodreads, please visit my author profile.

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